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Building from Source

The WPFFolderBrowser library has been built using Microsoft Visual C# 2010 Express. The solution / project files are contained in the source code repository.


  • Instantiate the class WPFFolderBrowser.WPFFolderBrowserDialog.
  • Set the diverse options. The options work as on OpenFileDialog. Options which do not apply to choosing folders have been removed.
  • Optionally, set InitialDirectory to a folder that will be opened by default.
  • Also optionally, set FileName to the current value of the folder you want to select.
  • Call ShowDialog. If the function returns true, the user has selected a folder.
  • Retrieve the path of the selected folder through the FileName property.

Additional License Information

The license for the original sample code from MSDN is included in the source code repository. The original sample code on which this project is based can be obtained here: .

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